Snap-on Toolbox Weights With Chart

Snap-on makes some great toolboxes and because they are made well they can be very heavy. I personally owned the Classic 96 72” and when it was full of tools that sucker was a beast.

The average weight of an empty Snap-on toolbox is 876 Pounds. The specific weight depends on the model and series of the toolbox you have. The lightest full-size box is 349 pounds and the heaviest is 1,970 pounds.

Below ???? is a helpful table for Full-Size Roll Cabs. I scoured Snap-on’s website to find you all the weights and put them in the chart below. I hope it helps you and provides the info you need.

Full Size Roll Cabs

Classic 96 KRA2432PC73” – 2 Bank547 lbs2,496 lbs3,043 lbs
Classic 96 KCP2423BQD73” – 3 Bank625 lbs2,400 lbs3,025 lbs
Classic KRA2411PC55” – 2 Bank412 lbs2,400 lbs2,812 lbs
Masters KMP1163WFS772” – 3 Bank1,052 lbs6,800 lbs7,852 lbs
Masters KRL722BPCM54” – 2 Bank489 lbs3,600 lbs4,089 lbs
Heritage KRA5318FPBO53” – 3 Bank371 lbs2,400 lbs2,771 lbs
Heritage KRA5311FPC53” – 2 Bank349 lbs2,400 lbs2,749 lbs
EPIQ KETN682C0PWT68” – 2 Bank832 lbs8,000 lbs8,832 lbs
EPIQ KERN602C0PC60” – 2 Bank774 lbs8000 lbs8,774 lbs
EPIQ KERN842C0PBO84” – 2 Bank1,165 lbs8,000 lbs9,165 lbs
EPIQ KEXP603A0PWZ120” – 3 Bank1,970 lbs16,000 lbs17,970 lbs
EPIQ KEXN724A0PWZ144” – 3 Bank1,925 lbs16,000 lbs17,925 lbs

Explanation of Catagories

1. Toolbox series

This is the series and model of your specific tool chest. Snap has 4 different series in full-size boxes.

  1. Classic Series
  2. Heritage Series
  3. Masters Series
  4. EPIQ Series

Snap-on made this series to give you options in pricing. Each series has its pros and cons and is quality based on value for money. The classic and Heritage Series are the lower tier Boxes and the Masters and EPIQ are the higher tiers. They have different options and features based on the one you have.

2. Width/Number of Banks

This is simply the width of the box and the number of banks. The banks are the drawers divided by the sides. You may have a single, double or triple bank box.

3. Empty weight

This is the weight of the box with nothing in it at all. Easy enough.

4. Max Loaded Weight

This is the weight of the box plus the highest amount Snap-on recommends it can hold. If Snap-on recommends 3000 lbs and the weight of the box is 500 lbs then the Max Loaded Weight of that box would be 3500 pounds.

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Summing up

A big thanks to Craig the mechanic for helping make this article even better! He helped me add the Max tool weight category. He says, “It is easy to see how the higher tier boxes are more ruggedly built and
will hold a much greater weight of tools. For example, the Masters
KRL722BPCM is 1″ narrower than the Classic KRA2411PC, but it can hold
3600 pounds of tools compared with the Classic’s 2400 pounds.” I have to agree! I hope this article has been helpful! Keep wrenchin.

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